How can I launch a campaign to run a race, commit my bday, or celebrate a special event?

Go to my.1MISSION.org, choose what type of campaign you want to launch, and we’ll take you through the process from there!

Are donations to my campaign tax-deductible?

For sure, absolutely. 1MISSION is a registered 501(c)3.

Can people who buy items I sell to raise money get a tax receipt?

We’re sorry, but we cannot issue tax receipts to third party donors. Only donations made directly to 1MISSION are tax deductible.

Can vendors who donate items at my fundraising event get a tax receipt?

We’re sorry, but we cannot issue tax receipts to third party donors. Only donations made directly to 1MISSION are tax deductible.

Why does my campaign have to close?

We want to send the money you’ve raised to the field as soon as possible. Once your campaign is closed, your money can be put to good use throughout Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

Can I campaign for housing in a specific country?

At this time, no. We choose which country your funds are tied to based on need and availability of housing applicants.

How do I get more people to see my campaign?

Check out our campaign resources page. Personal messages to friends and family typically work the best. Don’t be afraid to ask people more than once, it usually takes at least three times for someone to respond.

When can I see proof of the houses I funded?

Once your campaign closes, give us us 6-12 months to report back to you how every dollar was spent.


What does 1MISSION do?

We’re a nonprofit giving people in poverty the opportunity to earn a home by serving in their community.

Where in the world does 1MISSION work?

Currently, we work throughout Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

How does 1MISSION send 100% of public donations to the field?

We raise money separately to fund our admin and office expenses. We want everyone to know the impact that their gift is making. Here is how.

Who started all this?

Our founder’s name is Jason and we encourage you to read his full story.

Why does 1MISSION also fund community development programs?

The wounds of poverty require major surgery. Any isolated attempt to fight poverty would be like putting a band aid on a broken arm. Housing catalyzes long term development where community members see themselves as active participants, not passive recipients of change.

What kind of houses does 1MISSION build?

We use locally available materials and so houses will look different in each community. El Salvador has a lot of earthquakes and landslides while Mexico experiences severe heat and wind. We rely on the local communities to construct houses that are viable in their area.

How much does a typical house cost?

A typical house is between $4,000-$8,000. This is a wide range because we work in a wide variety of communities, each requiring its own design and building processes.

What if someone wants to donate by check?

No problem. Have that person make out the check to 1Mission, write your campaign name in the memo, and send it to us. We'll take care of it. Our address - 1 N. 1st St. #612 Phoenix, AZ 85004.

What if someone wants to donate by cash?

No problem. Collect all the cash, deposit it into your account, and then donate to your own campaign anonymously. Seems weird, but that's the fastest way to get the donations to your campaign.

Can I visit a family that I helped put in a home?

Yes. We run trips at various times throughout the year and encourage people to come with us. Contact our office to learn more about this life-changing opportunity.

Can I buy 1MISSION merchandise?

Absolutely. Visit store.1MISSION.org to see all the various pieces of merchandise we have to offer.

Where can I get more info about 1MISSION?

A great place to start is 1MISSION.org. If you are still looking for more we encourage you to check out our media resources or contact us at any time.


Where do you have trips?

We run trips to Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

How much does it cost?

Our Mexico trips cost $230/person. This covers everything but getting there and getting home. Contact us at trips@1mission.org for El Salvador and Nicaragua trip details.

Is experience necessary?

Not at all! Our 1MISSION team will be there to help, and no power tools are used, so it is safe for all ages and experience levels.