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Why I'm riding:

This February I will be participating in a 207 mile bike journey from Phoenix, Arizona to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. The purpose of my journey is to bridge the gap between poverty and hope. I'm asking you to take part in this Christmas season by spreading the love of Christ. 100% of your donations will be going straight to purchasing materials to build a house for the Hernández Antonio family. With your donation we will return in March to build the home and be witnesses for Jesus. ABSOLUTELY NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL!! Thank you so much, Merry Christmas!

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They need $4000.00 to reach their goal of $4000.00.

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100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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Victorie Calvo Villegas $20.00 02/09/2019
Anonymous Calvo Villegas $50.00 02/09/2019
Jeremy Calvo Villegas $15.00 02/09/2019 Luv you pal, sorry I didn’t donate sooner, wanted to donate more
Josh Calvo Villegas $10.00 02/09/2019 LOVE U ERIC and love the missions you’re doing
Becca Calvo Villegas $30.00 02/08/2019 GO ERIC GO
Teo Calvo Villegas $30.00 02/08/2019
Susan Calvo Villegas $60.00 02/08/2019
Teagan Calvo Villegas $20.00 02/08/2019
Dorena López Jiménez $30.00 02/07/2019 Love your kindness and the amazing human being that you are Eric, God bless you!! Beto, Jr and Dorena 💕
Interstate Battery of Arizona Vázquez Hernandez $125.00 01/28/2019
Brian Robles Galvez $30.00 01/11/2019 BRO YOU GOT THIS
Janet Lopez Alcaraz $50.00 01/01/2019
Emily Gonzalez Bejarano $30.00 12/29/2018 Good for you brooksy!
Gloria Gonzalez Bejarano $20.00 12/28/2018
Brooksworth Gonzalez Bejarano $20.00 12/28/2018 Luv u
Sarah Barrazas Diaz $30.00 12/03/2018 I am proud of you <3 -sarah

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.