Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.

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Britni Nelson

2019 Bikes Fight Poverty



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Why I'm riding:

Hello and welcome to my campaign page! This February ’19 will be my 6th year, YES, 6TH YEAR to be blessed with the ability to pedal my bicycle from Phoenix down to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. I’m just crazy like that. This year, I’m asking you to join me in an effort to DOUBLE last year’s number of houses funded. That would be an unheard of 56 families having a safe and secure place to call home. What is this craziness I speak of?? In February ‘19 (over the course of two days), I and 100-ish of my cycling family are going to pedal our bicycles 207+ miles from downtown Phoenix, across the US / Mexico border, and on down to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). To be blunt – I want your money. Or rather, I want you to make a tax-deductible donation to the cause. 100% of your donation, I repeat, 100% will go towards the construction materials needed to build a home. Please support me while I train to ride this life-changing journey. Thank you for your motivational words, prayers, and donation. . . . God bless, Britni

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They need $4000.00 to reach their goal of $4000.00.

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100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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Yvonne Ayala Savalija $50.00 03/15/2019 Love you kids
Andria Ayala Savalija $50.00 03/09/2019 Better late than never, right? You rock!
Phil López Jiménez $30.00 02/07/2019 Go Britni Go!
Tim López Jiménez $60.00 02/07/2019
Lucy Castro Lopez $125.00 02/05/2019
Addie and Randy Castro Lopez $125.00 02/04/2019
Brian Vázquez Hernandez $500.00 01/31/2019
Cooper Lopez Alcaraz $30.00 01/02/2019 Go get em Britni!
ashley Lopez Alcaraz $20.00 01/02/2019 Good Luck!!
Daniel Lopez Alcaraz $30.00 01/01/2019
David Lopez Alcaraz $100.00 12/31/2018
Anonymous Lopez Alcaraz $60.00 12/31/2018 Thank you guys for doing this. Love you, Lance and Darrell
Caryl Gonzalez Bejarano $60.00 12/29/2018
Andrew Barrazas Diaz $60.00 11/27/2018

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.