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Why I'm riding:

February 9th, 2019 I will ride my bicycle 207MILES from Phoenix, AZ to Rocky Point Mexico for one reason and one reason alone... to CLOSE THE GAP BETWEEN POVERTY AND HOPE. 10 years ago my good friend Ian decided to make a difference for one family by attempting to do something he wasn’t sure was even possible - ride his bicycle from his home in Phoenix to a community over 200 miles away in a different country suffering 3rd world poverty to deliver a message. Ian never said this but we all heard it... “I WILL DO WHAT I CAN WITH WHAT I HAVE IN THE HOPE THAT MY ACTION WILL INSPIRE OTHERS TO DREAM BIGGER.” I often thank God that Ian invited me and other to come along on the adventure and join him.. to stretch ourselves and make the impossible possible for hundreds, if not thousands, of countless families suffering so close to home. This year marks 10 consecutive years of making the sacrifice to wake up, suit up, saddle up and put in the training hours and miles and hard work required to prepare my body to spend two full days out in the elements on a bicycle delivering the message that FAITH IS AN ACTION that God will never fail to honor. LET’S GO THIS! PRAY, DONATE, VOLUNTEER, CHEER, SHARE THIS MESSAGE... Do what you can with what you have to inspire others to DREAM BIGGER!

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Anonymous Martínez Murrieta $200.00 02/25/2019 Go Kevin!
Gary Gurrola Cañedo $500.00 02/09/2019 Proud of you and all the others contributing to caring for the least of these.
Bruce Gurrola Cañedo $30.00 02/09/2019
Anonymous Gurrola Cañedo $125.00 02/09/2019
Melissa Calvo Villegas $50.00 02/08/2019
Gary Calvo Villegas $30.00 02/08/2019 “When your body thinks it done. You still have 60% left in the tank.” Goggins
Andy Calvo Villegas $30.00 02/08/2019 Love you Kevin! Thanks for the updates and the video and the photos and for always killing it! Way to lead by example and I’m so glad you found that place to serve that is just perfect for you
Pat Calvo Villegas $125.00 02/08/2019
Steve Calvo Villegas $125.00 02/08/2019 Go Kevin, make us proud!!
Aaron López Jiménez $200.00 02/07/2019 They might not let you back in the country with that beard
Chris López Jiménez $60.00 02/07/2019
Paul López Jiménez $100.00 02/07/2019
Richard López Jiménez $30.00 02/06/2019 kevin hanson
Nina López Jiménez $60.00 02/06/2019 Good luck. God be with all of you riders!
Pete López Jiménez $40.00 02/06/2019 No icicles on this ride my friend! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Bruce López Jiménez $60.00 02/06/2019 Awesome stuff bro! Glad you are able to fly down and do this!
Anonymous Castro Lopez $56.50 02/06/2019 Have a good ride, Kevin!
Anonymous López Jiménez $3.50 02/06/2019 Have a good ride, Kevin!
Dave Castro Lopez $125.00 02/06/2019 Best of luck on your ride!!
Cecilia Castro Lopez $30.00 02/06/2019 Proud of you Kevin and miss you and family so much God bless you
Brad Castro Lopez $100.00 02/06/2019
Gregory Castro Lopez $60.00 02/05/2019 Love you brother! Have fun!!
William Castro Lopez $60.00 02/05/2019
Susan Castro Lopez $30.00 02/05/2019
Anonymous Castro Lopez $30.00 02/04/2019
Gina Castro Lopez $30.00 02/04/2019
Jerry Castro Lopez $125.00 02/04/2019 Back from Washington?
Greg & Dette Castro Lopez $125.00 02/04/2019 Go Kevin!
Jeff Castro Lopez $200.00 02/04/2019
Richard & Lucy García Jaime $500.00 02/01/2019
Andrew & Theresa García Jaime $75.00 01/31/2019 BIG 10!!!! Excited to see you guys!!!!
CCV García Jaime $500.00 01/30/2019
James Vázquez Hernandez $60.00 01/28/2019
Clairece Robles Galvez $30.00 01/14/2019 Eleven, You're amazing! I'm rooting for you.
Kristine Lopez Alcaraz $125.00 01/04/2019 Love you brother! 💓
Brian and Darcie Lopez Alcaraz $100.00 12/31/2018 Best of luck!
Richard Lopez Alcaraz $100.00 12/31/2018
Ian Lopez Alcaraz $30.00 12/31/2018 Erin and I are so blessed to have had the Hanson's buy our sides from mile #1. See you soon friends.
Nicki Gonzalez Bejarano $30.00 12/30/2018
Anonymous Barrazas Diaz $100.00 12/08/2018 Let’s Go this!

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.