Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.



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Why I'm riding:

Matt and I are thrilled to be taking part in our 4th 1Mission Bikes Fight Poverty ride to Rocky Point, Mexico! From the moment we first learned about 1Mission and the amazing work they do and found out that we could help by riding our bikes we were hooked. Last year we were able to go down to Mexico the week after the ride with our kids and family and build a house for a very deserving family. To see where the money you donate goes and how it is impacting the community was unforgettable. Thank you for helping!

Here's where your donation will go.

Right now, you're partnering with the Example Family Family.

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They need $4000.00 to reach their goal of $4000.00.

$4000.00 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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Field Operators

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Local Labor & Staff



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James Calvo Villegas $550.00 02/08/2019
Dan López Jiménez $60.00 02/06/2019 Safe biking
Julie Castro Lopez $50.00 02/05/2019 Have a great ride M & M!
Amanda Castro Lopez $200.00 02/04/2019
Anonymous Castro Lopez $125.00 02/04/2019
Dave & Carol Castro Lopez $125.00 02/03/2019 Great memories from our build last year. Good look on your ride.
Cindy Vázquez Hernandez $100.00 01/28/2019
Julie Vázquez Hernandez $125.00 01/28/2019 God's blessings for safety, success, and fun!
Diana Rojo Calleros $20.00 01/28/2019
Chris Rojo Calleros $125.00 01/24/2019
Michael Rojo Calleros $125.00 01/22/2019
Dale & Deb Rojo Calleros $125.00 01/21/2019 Matt and Megan, have a safe ride! We have so many great memories of our last family build,
Kenyon Robles Galvez $125.00 01/20/2019
Matt & Mandy Robles Galvez $60.00 01/19/2019
Rich and Cathy Robles Galvez $100.00 01/19/2019
Justin Robles Galvez $125.00 01/18/2019 Go get it!
Jon Robles Galvez $100.00 01/18/2019
Amy Robles Galvez $60.00 01/17/2019
Barbara Robles Galvez $30.00 01/17/2019 Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!
Amanda Robles Galvez $100.00 01/17/2019
Jamie Gonzalez Bejarano $500.00 12/28/2018 Megan and Matt always do a great job helping with this!
ruth ann Gonzalez Bejarano $200.00 12/27/2018 Megan French ride
Tammy Avendaño Labrador $60.00 11/27/2018
David Ozuna Ramirez $200.00 11/27/2018
James Ozuna Ramirez $125.00 11/27/2018

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.