Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.

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Ruby Clark




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Why I'm giving up my birthday:

This year, I am committing my 16th birthday to make a difference. Instead of asking for gifts, I am asking my friends and family to donate to an amazing organization: 1MISSION. 1MISSION is a nonprofit that helps people in poverty earn a new home for their family by volunteering in their community. 100% of the money I raise during my birthday campaign will be used to build a home for the Godinez family. Once their home is built, 1MISSION will send us photos and GPS coordinates, so we’ll actually see the Godinez family we helped. Will you help me change their world?

Here's where your donation will go.

Right now, you're partnering with the Mendiola Barboa Family.

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They need $6481.65 to reach their goal of $8000.00.

$1518.35 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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Earl&Wendi Quiñonez Centero $200.00 03/24/2014
Nathan & Christina Quiñonez Centero $25.00 03/22/2014
Mark & Barbara Quiñonez Centero $100.00 03/22/2014
Aimee Quiñonez Centero $30.00 03/21/2014 So proud and inspired by you and your family. Thank you for being a wonderful example of Gods love!
BirthdayPartyDonations Quiñonez Centero $808.00 03/15/2014 Thanks to everyone who put money in the jar at my party! Even the pennies counted!
Jenn Quiñonez Centero $50.00 03/13/2014 Happy belated birthday Ruby!
BK, CAM, XAV & Ellis Quiñonez Centero $50.00 03/12/2014 We love you Rooby Dooby! Happy 16 sweet chica! Big hugs from NYC!
Andrea Quiñonez Centero $100.00 03/12/2014 Happy Birthday Ruby!
Jeff & Nikki Quiñonez Centero $25.00 03/12/2014
Merilee Quiñonez Centero $25.00 03/12/2014 Happy Birthday Ruby....I LOVE this idea sweet girl.
Todd & Rene Quiñonez Centero $500.00 03/12/2014 We are so proud of your generous heart! Happy Birthday! We love you! Mom & Dad <3
Leslie Quiñonez Centero $30.00 03/12/2014 Happy Birthday proud of you! Rob, Leslie, Morgan aan Brady
Leslie & Tony Quiñonez Centero $100.00 03/10/2014
Anonymous Quiñonez Centero $100.00 03/10/2014
Devon & Steve Quiñonez Centero $25.00 03/07/2014 Happy Birthday Ruby!!
Keaton Quiñonez Centero $50.00 03/07/2014 Happy birthday cousin!
Julia Quiñonez Centero $1000.00 03/07/2014 What an inspiration to so many Ruby! We are blown away by what you are doing with your life! Keep up the generous heart, you will be blessed! Love, the Wood's
AshleyandMichaelOlson Jarquin Godinez $100.00 03/05/2014 Ruby! I'm so excited for you!!! What an amazing journey God has ahead of you as you follow His prompting to give, love and serve extravagantly in Jesus name! We are BLESSED to know YOU and your family. Happy Birthday fabulous lady!!!! Much love, The Olsons
Kelly Jarquin Godinez $100.00 03/05/2014 Sweet Sweet Rubes, proud of you! Wok wok
Ben Jarquin Godinez $50.00 03/04/2014
Tracy Jarquin Godinez $25.00 03/04/2014 Happy Birthday, Ruby!
Jill Jarquin Godinez $50.00 03/04/2014 Happy Birthday Ruby! Great idea! Love your heart! Big birthday wishes from the Schram family
Timothy Jarquin Godinez $50.00 03/04/2014 Thank You Ruby for stepping up and leading this effort. What a memorable way to celebrate your 16th Birthday.
Tricia Jarquin Godinez $20.00 03/04/2014 Happy birthday Ruby!! Such a great thing to do.
Jason Jarquin Godinez $30.00 03/04/2014 Happy Birthday, Ruby! So grateful for your parents and the influence they were in my life. I can only imagine how many lives you will influence and change. Grace and peace, Jason & Elysa
Dena Jarquin Godinez $20.00 03/04/2014 Happy Birthday! This is such a great way to celebrate your birthday!
Bill and Mihaela Jarquin Godinez $5000.00 03/04/2014
HerbertFamily Jarquin Godinez $25.00 03/03/2014 Such an awesome thing you're doing. We pray that our girls continue to follow the Lord and do something great through Him. Love you, Ruby!
Anonymous Jarquin Godinez $200.00 03/02/2014 Happy birthday, Ruby! So proud of you and your heart for the Lord and hurting people.
Mark and Vera Jarquin Godinez $50.00 02/27/2014 Happy Sweet 16, dearest Ruby! If this is only a small glimpse of your purpose driven life, then you are going to do MIGHTY things for the Kingdom. Stay the course. Love and Hugs, The Flannery Family
Steve & Lesley Jarquin Godinez $400.00 02/21/2014 Thanks so much for inviting us into this adventure with you, Ruby. Can't wait for the day that God shows/tells us how He used this act to love on people and spread His fame. Super proud of you!
Suzan Jarquin Godinez $400.00 02/21/2014
Cathy Jarquin Godinez $20.00 02/21/2014 Happy, Happy Birthday to an amazing young woman!
Lena Jarquin Godinez $100.00 02/21/2014 So proud of you Ruby!
The Jarquin Godinez $50.00 02/21/2014 Very inspiring Ruby! God bless you and the Godinez family this year.
Mike & Kim Jarquin Godinez $10.00 02/19/2014
Erin Jarquin Godinez $20.00 02/19/2014 Hi Ruby, What an awesome idea for your 16th birthday. I saw this on your mom and dad's news feed on facebook. I was in their first youth group a long, long time ago. They were a strong influence in my high school life. You have awesome parents and they have raised a strong woman! Keep up the amazing work. Blessings, Erin(McPheeters)Forbush
Sheree Jarquin Godinez $50.00 02/18/2014
Anonymous Jarquin Godinez $80.00 02/17/2014 Thank you so much for donating - Moxley Family, Miss Nita & Miss Jesse
Terry Jarquin Godinez $500.00 02/17/2014 Proud and grateful to support Ruby's servant heart MamMa and PapPa
Anonymous Jarquin Godinez $10.00 02/14/2014 Way to go Ruby!
Anonymous Jarquin Godinez $300.00 02/14/2014 Happy Birthday Ruby!
Mike Jarquin Godinez $40.00 02/13/2014 Happy Birthday Ruby!
tim Jarquin Godinez $50.00 02/12/2014 proud of you - girl!
Ray Jarquin Godinez $50.00 02/07/2014 Ruby.....when I saw what you wanted to do for your birthday it touched my heart! I want to give more and will try to do so later. However, I just felt compelled to do something because you are such a light to this world. I know that this will go much further than any present ever could! Keep up the good work! Ray Reynolds
Rachel Jarquin Godinez $30.00 02/06/2014
Anonymous Jarquin Godinez $40.00 02/05/2014
Daniel Jarquin Godinez $20.00 02/03/2014 Ruby, Happy Birthday. We are so proud of you. You are an inspiration, a leader and most importantly amazing child of God. Keep using your life to point people to Jesus! Dan, Kristin & the girls.
Jonah Jarquin Godinez $30.00 02/02/2014 You have such a kind heart Ruby!!
Kellie Jarquin Godinez $20.00 01/31/2014
Seth Jarquin Godinez $30.00 01/30/2014 Such an awesome opportunity, proud of you Ruby!
Anonymous Jarquin Godinez $50.00 01/30/2014 Happy birthday Ruby Clark!!!
Anonymous Jarquin Godinez $50.00 01/30/2014 Happy birthday Ruby Clark!!!

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.