Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.

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Why I'm campaigning:

I truly believe that God blesses us in order to be a blessing to others. Throughout the course of my life I've been on both sides of that. My purpose behind maintaining my real estate license even while employed full time as a pastor is to bless other people and do things most others won't do in the real estate industry. I'm so excited about a new outlet for that with House to House! When I can help not only my clients but also people living in poverty get in a home, that's the ultimate win/win! Did you know that 1.6 BILLION people around the world are living in unsafe and inadequate housing? I don't know about you, but I want to change that! 100% of the money we raise during the campaign will be used for projects and programs in the field. Donate to my campaign, and let's change the world together!

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Right now, you're partnering with the Ortiz Lucero Family.

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They need $3874.65 to reach their goal of $8000.00.

$4125.35 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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Blake Santos Fones $125.00 06/11/2019 This is for Chris & Joan Hurlock. They have been wonderful clients and persevered through some frustrating times to get these deals done.
Blake Calvo Lopez $125.00 05/06/2019 This is for my friends and clients Jason & Jessica for the sale of their home. They have a huge heart for helping others with all they do and so this gift is a perfect way to bless others.
Blake Calvo Lopez $125.00 04/25/2019 This is for Ron & Suzanne Akre who allowed me to sell their uncle's home. So thankful for them and for the opportunity to help their family.
Blake Gutiérrez Enriquez $60.00 03/25/2019 I was fortunate enough to help sell my grandmothers house to a wonderful lady in her neighborhood and wanted to bless another family in addition to these two.
Blake Gutiérrez Enriquez $125.00 03/25/2019
Blake Gutiérrez Enriquez $125.00 03/25/2019
Blake Gutiérrez Enriquez $90.00 03/06/2019 This is on behalf of my wonderful clients Wayne & Tonya. It was a struggle to make it through but we did it and I think they'll love their new home.
Blake Gutiérrez Enriquez $125.00 03/06/2019 This is on behalf of my wonderful friends and clients Scott & Brooke Summers. So thankful to help them on the sale of their old home and purchase of a new one.
Blake Alvarez Pino $158.00 02/04/2019 This is a donation on behalf of my amazing clients Nathan & Charla Lentz and their incredible family.
Blake Diaz Villegas $125.00 07/30/2018 Bob & Roxy were wonderful clients to work with and I'm so happy they've found a home in AZ.
Blake Elias Espinoza $250.00 04/26/2018 This donation is being made on behalf of Jenny Lips. We met Jenny as our design consultant when building our home and I'm so thankful I got to help her in the purchase of her first home.
Blake Quijada Estrada $250.00 04/16/2018 This donation is on behalf of Christian & Genevieve Hass for the sale of Christian's father's home. Love this family and so thankful for the decades of friendship our families have shared.
Blake Quijada Estrada $250.00 04/16/2018 This gift is on behalf of Amy & Ethan Burson! Love working with Ethan at the church and so excited for him and his sweet wife to make this house a home! Not too shabby for a starter home :)
Blake Quijada Estrada $250.00 03/29/2018 Donating on behalf of Ken & Kim Desmarchais. So thankful to work with them on both sides of their sale and purchase. Wonderful clients with even better hearts.
Blake Ibarra Arechiga $250.00 03/21/2018 Ken & Kim Desmarchais were incredible clients to work with on both the sale of their current home and purchase of a new one. I'm excited to launch this campaign with them being my first clients as a part of this program. I know that their homes are getting someone that much closer to owning their own home.

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.