Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.

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Why I'm giving up my birthday:

My birthday is around the corner, and this year, I am committing my birthday to make a difference. Did you know there are over 1BILLION people around the world living in unsafe and inadequate housing? I want to help change that. Instead of asking for gifts, I am asking my friends and family to donate and help change families' lives forever. Help me make this birthday my best ever—donate to my campaign, and let’s change the world, together!

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Right now, you're partnering with the Alvarez Pino Family.

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They need $4408.40 to reach their goal of $8000.00.

$3591.60 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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Community Health Education


Ben Ozuna Serrano $25.00 01/24/2018
Bernadett Ozuna Serrano $95.00 01/24/2018
Debbie Ozuna Serrano $20.00 01/16/2018 Happy Birthday!
Zachary Ozuna Serrano $25.00 01/15/2018
Paige Ozuna Serrano $10.00 01/15/2018
Matt & Kelly Ozuna Serrano $10.00 01/15/2018
Ryan & Lorraine Ozuna Serrano $20.00 01/15/2018
Linda Ozuna Serrano $50.00 01/15/2018
Marie & John Ozuna Serrano $20.00 01/15/2018
Jacob Ozuna Serrano $25.00 01/15/2018
Greg & Mirla Ozuna Serrano $40.00 01/15/2018
khalil Ozuna Serrano $20.00 01/14/2018
Anne Ozuna Serrano $10.00 01/14/2018
Caleb Ozuna Serrano $20.00 01/14/2018
Bonnie Ozuna Serrano $50.00 01/14/2018 happy birthday
Hannah & Andrew Ozuna Serrano $40.00 01/14/2018
Mary Ozuna Serrano $50.00 01/14/2018
Caryn Ozuna Serrano $30.00 01/14/2018 Happy 13th Birthday Ben! We are so happy to support such a great organization and celebrate you too! Love, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Caryn, Charlotte and Lily
Catherine Ozuna Serrano $60.00 01/14/2018 One of the best gifts from you and serving our Lord. Wishing you one of the happiest and memorable birthdays.
Angel Ozuna Serrano $30.00 01/14/2018 This is an awesome idea. Nothing like paying it forward. Happy Birthday Ben!
Larry & Juanita Ozuna Serrano $50.00 01/14/2018
Jeffrey Ozuna Serrano $150.00 01/14/2018 Happy Birthday, Ben! We're proud of you and your heart for others. Love the Montgomery Family
Bob Ozuna Serrano $20.00 01/14/2018
Gail & Arnold Ozuna Serrano $100.00 01/13/2018 Happy Birthday Ben! We love you.
Jennifer Ozuna Serrano $30.00 01/12/2018
Linda Ozuna Serrano $50.00 01/11/2018 Wonderful idea. We are very proud of you.
Andrew Ozuna Serrano $45.00 01/10/2018
Melody Ozuna Serrano $125.00 01/08/2018 Happy Birthday, Ben! What a great way to celebrate your birthday!!!
Stephen Ozuna Serrano $50.00 01/08/2018
Liz Ozuna Serrano $30.00 01/06/2018 Happy Birthday Ben! What a great idea!

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.