Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.

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2018 Bikes Fight Poverty



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Why I'm riding:

Why I’m Riding: I’m ready for my first ride to help support 1Mission in their efforts to eradicate poverty for the 1.6 billion people who currently live without shelter. My belief that poverty and humanity shouldn’t coexist. This mindset has fueled my desire to train and prepare for a 200+ mile ride to Rocky Point. This effort will be small in comparison to what these people endure on a daily basis. 1.6 billion people live without safe and dignified shelter, that's 1 in 5 of us. I’d like to thank my dear friend Richard Dickens for inspiring me and helping me prepare for this ride. His invitation will help change the life of others. Please help me help others by supporting and contributing to this meaningful ride. Any size donation matters. Every $6-9k dollars builds a shelter/home for a family in need. My intention is to personally match dollar for dollar all donations received up to $9000.00. Please help me bless the lives of people in need.

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Right now, you're partnering with the Serrano Trujillo Family.

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They need $4152.79 to reach their goal of $6000.00.

$1847.21 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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Julie Galindo Palomino $60.00 02/14/2018 Wonderful mission Paul! Thanks for your love and service. Love you
Brenda Pacheco Hernandez $30.00 02/11/2018
Timothy Pacheco Hernandez $30.00 02/11/2018 Great Job!
Jeff Pacheco Hernandez $30.00 02/10/2018 Great Work Paul !!!
Cheryl Pacheco Hernandez $100.00 02/10/2018 This is awesome Paul! So proud of you!
Paul Santillan Oquita $1682.02 02/09/2018 This is my match contribution for all of you who have helped me reach my goal, and support this amazing cause.
Paul Mendivil Cruz $2943.73 02/09/2018 This is my match contribution for all of you who have helped me reach my goal, and support this amazing cause.
Ahnyte Santillan Oquita $5.75 02/09/2018
Shelly Santillan Oquita $50.00 02/09/2018
Anonymous Santillan Oquita $30.00 02/09/2018
Wade Orihuela Verdugo $250.00 02/09/2018 Paul, i love you Brother. I love your passion,dedication, generosity, and encouragement. Have a blast. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventure.
Anonymous Orihuela Verdugo $60.00 02/09/2018
David Orihuela Verdugo $250.00 02/09/2018 Pablo, good luck and thanks for being involved in contributing for such a wonderful and much needed cause. It’s people like you my friend that make a difference..
Lloyd Orihuela Verdugo $60.00 02/09/2018 Paul, outstanding project. Ride Hard. Be Safe
Deborah Orihuela Verdugo $250.00 02/09/2018 Awesome cause-- good luck Paul!
Anonymous Hernandez Luna $60.00 02/09/2018 Awesome cause Pablo.. Good luck on the ride.
Darren Hernandez Luna $50.00 02/09/2018 Good luck! Thanks for helping to make the world a better place for others
Jack and Joyce Barba Martinez $115.00 02/08/2018 Paul give your best I know you will
Hannah Barba Martinez $30.00 02/07/2018 To your wishful thinking. Love your daughter.
Ben Lopez Gastelum $60.00 02/07/2018 Best of luck and don't stop 3 feet short of the gold! Love you.
Jerry Lopez Gastelum $500.00 02/07/2018
Randy Lopez Gastelum $40.00 02/07/2018 you got this paul "success belongs only to those who are willing to work harder than anyone else " micheal jordan
Julie Lopez Gastelum $50.00 02/07/2018
Pono Lopez Gastelum $500.00 02/07/2018 Pono Construction wishes you all the best, we know you will have no problem accomplishing this! Good luck Paul!
Oscar Lopez Gastelum $60.00 02/07/2018 good job Paul , you got this!
DEREK Lopez Gastelum $250.00 02/07/2018
hank Lopez Gastelum $30.00 02/07/2018 Anytime Paul identifies a need, one that I can help with, I'm in.
Luis Lopez Gastelum $60.00 02/06/2018 Great Cause , my Church is heavily envolved in Mission 1 , Great orginaztion / Great Cause
John Lopez Gastelum $125.00 02/06/2018 Good luck!!
Angel Diaz Cardenas $300.00 02/06/2018 My HERO! Love YOU!
william Diaz Cardenas $500.00 02/06/2018 You Da Man!!!! Be Safe!!!!
Dave Diaz Cardenas $30.00 02/06/2018
Travis Castro Rivera $60.00 01/29/2018 200 miles should be easy money for you big dog
Kevin Castro Rivera $125.00 01/29/2018
Colton Castro Rivera $30.00 01/29/2018
Sharon Pacheco Vasquez $60.00 01/17/2018
Jerry Pacheco Vasquez $125.00 01/15/2018 What a great cause! Best of luck on your ride Paul!
Danielle Gonzalez Hernandez $164.50 12/30/2017
Danielle Rosales Hernandez $85.50 12/30/2017
Rena Gonzalez Hernandez $60.00 12/29/2017
Richard Gonzalez Hernandez $200.00 12/27/2017

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.