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Why I'm riding:

I’m joining 1MISSION and using my bike to fight poverty! 1.6 billion people live without safe and dignified shelter, that's 1 in 5 of us. I want to help change this. Help me help others by supporting my ride. Every little bit can make a huge difference.

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Right now, you're partnering with the Example Family Family.

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They need $4000.00 to reach their goal of $4000.00.

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100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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field operators

Field Operators

local labor & staff

Local Labor & Staff



community health

Community Health Education


Gayla Hernandez Luna $30.00 02/09/2018 IES - Good luck Rob!! Wishing you the best on your trip.
Michael Barba Martinez $100.00 02/08/2018 Ride like the wind.
Kurt Barba Martinez $60.00 02/08/2018 Joining IES to help Rob Hills cause. Ride safe Rob!
Kathryn Lopez Gastelum $1500.00 02/07/2018 This donation is on behalf of the IES Community Action Team. Way to go Rob! We are all proud of you and cannot wait to hear about your trip.
Connie Lopez Gastelum $60.00 02/07/2018 Good Luck Rob, I know you will rock it. IES all the way!
Ryan Lopez Gastelum $50.00 02/07/2018 Good luck on your ride and be safe!
Rob Lopez Gastelum $50.00 02/06/2018 Thanks to Jessica for donating to my campaign! Here's my match.
Rob Diaz Cardenas $140.77 02/06/2018 Thanks to Terry for donating to my campaign! Here's my match.
Rob Lopez Gastelum $359.23 02/06/2018 Thanks to Terry for donating to my campaign! Here's my match.
Rob Diaz Cardenas $45.00 02/06/2018 Thanks to Rachel for donating to my campaign! Here's my match!
Jessica Diaz Cardenas $50.00 02/06/2018 I'm so impressed by your passion for this cause, the leadership you show in helping new riders and your dedication to make this ride multiple times! I love you!
Dan Diaz Cardenas $125.00 02/06/2018
Sarah Diaz Cardenas $60.00 02/06/2018 IES
Matt Diaz Cardenas $125.00 02/06/2018 Good luck on such a great cause. Please share pictures of your trip.
Randy Diaz Cardenas $30.00 02/06/2018 Good luck from IES!
Miguel Diaz Cardenas $205.00 02/06/2018 IES Comm.
Don Diaz Cardenas $100.00 02/06/2018 Supporting a member of our IES team.
Gilbert Diaz Cardenas $205.00 02/06/2018 Dare to be great!!! #oneIES
Terry Diaz Cardenas $500.00 02/06/2018
Rachel Diaz Cardenas $45.00 02/05/2018 Good luck on your ride, Dad! I’m so incredibly proud of you! Love you!
Rob Madriz Fuentes $30.00 02/03/2018 Thanks to Kathleen for supporting my BFP campaign. Here's my match!
Kathleen Madriz Fuentes $30.00 02/03/2018 We're so proud of you, Rob, and what you're doing! Way to go!!!
Rob Madriz Fuentes $100.00 02/03/2018 Thanks to my Mom, Elizabeth, for donating to my campaign! Here's my match.
Elizabeth Madriz Fuentes $100.00 02/03/2018 Mom's donation by check. Thanks, Mom!
Rob Castro Rivera $80.00 01/29/2018 Thanks to Jenn for donating to my campaign. Here's my match!
Scott Castro Rivera $125.00 01/29/2018 Good luck Rob. Great work you’re doing!
Shelly Castro Rivera $125.00 01/29/2018 What a great cause! Go get 'em!
Mary Castro Rivera $60.00 01/29/2018 Proud of our co-worker and his commitment to this event and wish him all the best.
Katy Castro Rivera $50.00 01/29/2018 What a great cause! Glad you are participating and we will all be thinking of you during your ride.
Jennifer Castro Rivera $80.00 01/29/2018 Have a wonderful and safe ride! I have missed this and hope to do it next year.
katherine Castro Rivera $30.00 01/29/2018
Cindy Castro Rivera $50.00 01/26/2018 IES is rooting for you Rob! Your enthusiasm and support for this worthy cause already makes you a Winner!!
gilbert Olmeda Rodriguez $500.00 01/19/2018 Rob, we are all very proud of the effort you are putting into this cause!! Ride strong my friend!
John Pacheco Vasquez $100.00 01/15/2018 Good luck on the ride, Rob! This should also be included in the IES match.
Debbie Ramirez Celis $125.00 01/12/2018 So proud of you Rob, what a wonderful organization to support.
Hugo Ramirez Celis $30.00 01/12/2018 We are rooting for you Rob!
Bonnie-jo Ramirez Celis $100.00 01/12/2018 IES Communications is so fortunate to have an employee as dedicated and generous as you! What a wonderful benefit you support! Good luck, Rob! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face (but not too warm!), and rains fall soft upon your fields. ~ Bonnie-jo
Rob Rosales Hernandez $30.00 12/31/2017 Thank you to my anonymous donor! Here's my match!
Anonymous Rosales Hernandez $30.00 12/31/2017
Rob Rosales Hernandez $250.00 12/30/2017 Thanks to James for accepting my donation match challenge! Here's my match!
James Rosales Hernandez $250.00 12/30/2017 Rob - keep riding
Rob Avendaño Rivera $100.00 09/01/2017 Thanks to Nancie McAnaugh for being the first to accept my donation match challenge! Here's my match!
Nancie Avendaño Rivera $100.00 09/01/2017 Rob you are awesome. Good luck.

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.