Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.

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Why I'm giving up my birthday:

My birthday is around the corner, and this year, I am committing my birthday to make a difference. Did you know there are over 1BILLION people around the world living in unsafe and inadequate housing? I want to help change that. Instead of asking for gifts, I am asking my friends and family to donate and help change families lives forever. Help me make this birthday my best ever—donate to my campaign, and let’s change the world, together!

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Right now, you're partnering with the Example Family Family.

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They need $4000.00 to reach their goal of $4000.00.

$4000.00 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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field operators

Field Operators

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community health

Community Health Education


Heidi Gonzales Rios $75.00 08/20/2017 Birthday cash from Post's and McCune's
Linda Flores Luna $60.00 08/14/2017 Janet, I'm so excited for you! What a wonderful way to show people that you love Jesus. I hope to see pictures posted of your trip. Blessings from Riah and Hartley's Grandma.
Amberly Flores Luna $30.00 08/11/2017 Happiest of birthdays, Jaret!
Anonymous Flores Luna $20.00 08/10/2017
Dad and Mom Flores Luna $20.00 08/10/2017 We are so proud of you buddy! Look what a great amount you've raised here!!
Anonymous Flores Luna $125.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday, and enjoy your trip!
Dylan Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday!
Erin Flores Luna $30.00 08/10/2017 Happy 12th birthday!!!
Jeffrey Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday, buddy!
Jackson Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday, Jaret!
Lani Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday!
Avery Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday, Jaret! Hope you're having a great birthday!
Addie Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday!
Kristie Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday!
Jeff Flores Luna $25.00 08/10/2017 Happy birthday, Jaret!
Jay & Pam Flores Luna $20.00 08/10/2017 Happy Birthday big guy! We are so proud of you giving to others with a kind heart!
Kerry Flores Luna $35.00 08/10/2017 Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Jaret Zizz!!!
AJ Flores Luna $10.00 08/10/2017 Happy Birthday, Jaret! Miss you buddy!
Suzanne Flores Luna $20.00 08/10/2017 Happy Birthday to a super cool 😎 12 year old!!!
Connor Flores Luna $30.00 08/10/2017 Happy Birthday Jaret!!
Joy Flores Luna $50.00 08/10/2017 I love your gentle, loving, kind heart, Jaret; I admire your passionate desire to help others, including those in need. Happy birthday my cherished grandson; and God bless, keep, guard, lead and protect you and your loving heart throughout all your life.
Megan Flores Luna $40.00 08/10/2017
Connor Flores Luna $15.00 08/10/2017
Lesley Flores Luna $10.00 08/10/2017 Happy Birthday Jared! This will be an incredible experience! Love, Aunt Lesley, Uncle Mike, and Logan
Leah Flores Luna $50.00 08/10/2017
Ashlee Flores Luna $60.00 08/09/2017 Happy Birthday, Jaret! I can remember this time 12 years ago anxiously awaiting the news of your arrival! What an incredible gift YOUR life has been to so many people already. I am so encouraged by your selfless, servant-hearted decision to use your birthday to bless others. My prayer is that you will always remember the joys of being generous, the call to serve, and the power of loving well. May you be reminded of His great love for you through every donation given. Love from Texas, Auntie Ashlee
Bev Flores Luna $20.00 08/09/2017 Happy Birthday Jaret!!!
Danielle Flores Luna $25.00 08/09/2017 Happy Birthday! Love, Kyle and Danielle Thomas
Donna Flores Luna $25.00 08/09/2017 Skippy and Donna wish you a Happy Birthday Jaret!
Debbie Flores Luna $30.00 08/09/2017
Kelcee Flores Luna $20.00 08/09/2017 Happy Birthday Jaret! We are so excited to hear about your trip. Thank you for being Christ's hands and feet by serving those in need. There is so much to learn from the people Christ allows us to serve. I pray your faith grows deeper through this experience! Love, Jordan and Kelcee
Jill Flores Luna $30.00 08/09/2017 What an awesome thing to do for your birthday Jaret! Happy Birthday!!
Sheri Flores Luna $20.00 08/08/2017
Rita Flores Luna $25.00 08/04/2017 Happy Birthday Jaret!! We Love you!!
Anonymous Flores Luna $200.00 08/03/2017 Happy birthday!

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.