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Why I'm campaigning:

This campaign has been on my heart for awhile now. After going on 2 weekend mission trips to Mexico through 1MISSION I have seen what they do, experienced the building side of it hands-on, & love it. Now it's time for me to obey God and experience the fundraising aspect. I would be absolutely overjoyed if you would donate & help me provide adequate housing for families around the world, (100% of what you give will go directly to projects & programs in the field) as well as join me in prayer. Let's pray for the families working hard to earn their new homes, let's pray for strength for the 1MISSION staff to continue doing God's work, for the building teams out there making dreams into reality, and for God's provision in this campaign. Thank you so so much to all of you!!! I cannot wait to see what God does through this and even beyond!

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Right now, you're partnering with the Rincon Baturoni Family.

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They need $3087.40 to reach their goal of $6000.00.

$2912.60 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


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field operators

Field Operators

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Community Health Education


Ashton Garcia Valencia $68.00 05/31/2016
Ashton Morales Galindo $58.00 05/30/2016 this money is from last minute sticker sales
Ashton Morales Galindo $300.00 05/30/2016 This is my personal contribution to the campaign. I cannot thank everyone enough for the outstanding generosity, I am so overjoyed with the outcome of this campaign and for G-d's provision!
Ritas Bravo Ruelas $60.00 05/27/2016
Jamin Bravo Ruelas $80.00 05/26/2016
Ashton Medina Perez $100.00 05/24/2016 donation from Brad Vatsaas :)
Ashton Medina Perez $235.00 05/23/2016 CAR WASH FUNDS
Ashton Medina Perez $20.00 05/05/2016 more sticker cash
Victorie Mendoza Flores $120.00 04/27/2016 Love you Ashton! You are SO close to your goal :)
Rene Medina Oseguera $60.00 04/01/2016 Happy to celebrate with you!
Ashton Medina Oseguera $100.00 03/31/2016 donation from Audrey Miller
Ashton Medina Oseguera $70.00 03/29/2016 sticker money
Ashton Durán $72.00 03/14/2016 money from sticker sales
Ashton Durán $50.00 03/14/2016 donation from the Borg family!
Nate & Christina Durán $1000.00 03/14/2016
Charlotte Durán $60.00 03/09/2016
Brittany Durán $20.00 02/22/2016
Ashton Durán $78.00 02/18/2016 from The Vatsaas Family!
Ashton Durán $15.00 02/18/2016 from Azia Deckwa!!
Ashton Durán $10.00 02/18/2016 from Emma Short :)
Ashton Durán $10.00 02/18/2016 from Gramma & Grampa Jensen!
Ashton Durán $25.00 02/18/2016 from Keryn & Dave
Joanne Durán $30.00 02/18/2016 Happy Birthday Ashton
Priscilla Durán $40.00 02/16/2016 Good Luck! Proud you are doing something good. :) Love you - Hill Family
Grayson Durán $10.00 02/15/2016 love you ash!
Michael and Jennifer Durán $25.00 02/15/2016 Wishing you a blessed 17th year, Ashton! Happy Birthday!! xoxo
Dani Durán $25.00 02/14/2016 Happy birthday!!!
Johnelle Durán $30.00 02/14/2016 We love you Ashton and thank God for you! Love Papa & Mama
Victorie Durán $30.00 02/14/2016 Happy Birthday Ash!! I love you so so much sista!!
Nate & Christina Durán $100.00 02/14/2016 Happy 17th Birthday Ashton! Your heart makes us so happy and your desire to serve others is beautiful, just like you! The process has been challenging and grown you so much, let it continue to do so. He will amaze you and go beyond your thinking possibilities! <3
Brianna Durán $50.00 02/13/2016 I love you ash. So proud of your decision to give up your bday for something even greater, Happy 17th bday you lil love baby!!!
Kaitlynn Hernandez Torrez $20.00 02/13/2016 Love you tons Ashton! You have such a heart of gold dear and I am so proud of you!! Happy 17th Birthday!!!
Tricia Hernandez Torrez $25.00 02/13/2016
Kim Hernandez Torrez $30.00 02/12/2016 I am so proud of you Ashton. You have always had a heart of gold - so fitting that you were born on Valentine's Day!
Ashley Hernandez Torrez $60.00 02/12/2016 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTON! Love you so much girly & I am in awe by your desire to help others. I pray that the LORD will work through you & bless you though your faithfulness.
Jane Hernandez Torrez $25.00 02/11/2016 Happy Birthday Ashton!
Mack Hernandez Torrez $15.00 02/07/2016 Love you!
Margaret Hernandez Torrez $25.00 02/05/2016 Way to go Ashton!
Anonymous Hernandez Torrez $25.00 02/05/2016 What a selfless act of love. So proud of you.
Anonymous Hernandez $250.00 01/01/2016
Anonymous Hernandez $50.00 12/29/2015

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.