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Why I'm campaigning:

October is always a great month for me. It's the month of my birthday and many others in my family, it marks the beginning of the holiday festivities, and it is also the month that for the last 2 years I have joined CCV Students in building homes for those in need in Rocky Point, Mexico. God has blessed me in so many ways and I want to extend those blessing onto others. Join me as I raise money to build a home for a family in need that will provide for them safe and adequate shelter. Together we can make a difference, one house at a time!

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Right now, you're partnering with the Mendiola Barboa Family.

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They need $6481.65 to reach their goal of $8000.00.

$1518.35 Raised

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Anonymous Morales Galindo $600.00 05/28/2016 Congratulations for your hard work helping families fulfill their dream of owning their own homes.
Anonymous Medina Perez $500.00 05/14/2016
Anonymous Medina Perez $100.00 05/12/2016 Haley - Love your heart!
Gannett Foundation Durán $750.00 03/07/2016
Anonymous Durán $100.00 02/24/2016 Getting so close to your goal! Keep up the good work :)
Anonymous Durán $300.00 02/14/2016 Thank you to everyone who purchased a t-shirt! Your support has been a huge encouragement!
Northwest Durán $185.00 02/14/2016
Anonymous Hernandez Torrez $100.00 01/26/2016 Keep up the great work sweet girl! So proud of you and inspired by your heart <3
Northwest Hernandez Torrez $230.00 01/18/2016
Northwest Hernandez Torrez $60.00 01/18/2016
Anonymous Hernandez Torrez $65.00 01/16/2016
NorthWest Hernandez Torrez $160.00 01/12/2016
Anonymous Hernandez $110.00 01/03/2016
James Hernandez $750.00 12/31/2015 Go Haley Hudson
Anonymous Trujillo Carillo $100.00 12/01/2015 So proud of you!
Ian Argueta $30.00 11/19/2015 Thanks for giving up something good for something GREAT. Erin and I are Proud of you Haley
Elizabeth Argueta $20.00 11/19/2015
Northwest Argueta $1000.00 11/13/2015
Anonymous Argueta $500.00 11/08/2015
Austin Argueta $100.00 11/06/2015
matthew Castillo Garcia $100.00 11/02/2015
Tami Mendivil Valenzuela $60.00 10/12/2015

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.