Your gift will provide a house and long term change for people living in poverty.



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Why I'm giving up my birthday:

My birthday is in May and I am committing my birthday to make a difference. Did you know there are over 1BILLION people around the world living in unsafe and inadequate housing? I want to help change that. Instead of asking for gifts, I am asking my friends and family to donate and help change families lives forever. Help me make this birthday my best ever—donate to my campaign, and let’s change the world, together!

Here's where your donation will go.

Right now, you're partnering with the Mendiola Barboa Family.

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They need $6481.65 to reach their goal of $8000.00.

$1518.35 Raised

100% of your donations will go to projects and programs in the field.


Construction Materials



field operators

Field Operators

local labor & staff

Local Labor & Staff



community health

Community Health Education


CCM Fuse Students Murrieta Garcia $40.00 05/08/2015
Brandon Murrieta Garcia $100.00 04/26/2015
CCM Fuse and Spark Students Murrieta Garcia $50.00 04/23/2015
CCM Fuse Students Murrieta Garcia $140.00 04/13/2015
Sheryl Murrieta Garcia $30.00 04/10/2015 All the best to you! You have a great heart!
Julie Murrieta Garcia $50.00 04/10/2015
Anonymous Gomez Guevara $336.42 04/09/2015 Kyle, we will be praying for you as the Lord prepares your heart and mind for this amazing trip. We love that you are going to share the good news!
Anonymous Murrieta Garcia $300.58 04/09/2015 Kyle, we will be praying for you as the Lord prepares your heart and mind for this amazing trip. We love that you are going to share the good news!
Kyle Gomez Guevara $117.00 04/07/2015 Money earned from working around the neighborhood.
Grandma Gomez Guevara $500.00 04/07/2015 What a great cause...hope this helps!
Sara Orellana $30.00 03/04/2015 Thanks for watching our kitties!
Smith Guevara Martinez $60.00 03/03/2015 Nice work, Kyle!
Chuck and Susan Guevara Castro $250.00 01/18/2015 Thanks for doing this, Kyle. May The Lord bless you in mighty and unexpected ways as you continue trusting in and following Him. Love, Chuck and Susan Bost
Pam Flores Barajas $50.00 10/21/2014
Sara Zamora Romero $30.00 09/30/2014 Thanks for all your help with our kitties!
Gerald Medina Castro $40.00 09/25/2014 Looks like a great cause Kyle!
Stacy Garcia Fierros $100.00 09/18/2014 You are an amazing young man! So proud of you, I know God will honor your pure sweet heart and bless you and these families you are helping!!
Elena Basilio Ceja $100.00 09/08/2014 Kyle, we are SO proud of you. You are a kind and generous soul.
Anonymous Basilio Ceja $30.00 09/07/2014
GrandmaG Bustillos Pro $100.00 09/04/2014 Very proud of you doing something so thoughtful to change others lives.
pj Bustillos Pro $41.00 09/01/2014 From CCM Fuse/Ignite students Marco, Claire, Ali, Megan and Brynn
pj Bustillos Pro $60.00 09/01/2014 From Katie Boucher at CCM
pj Estrada Lopez $20.00 08/30/2014 keep it up! Tina and Joe
Anonymous Estrada Lopez $120.00 08/29/2014
Anonymous Estrada Lopez $15.00 08/25/2014
Anonymous Gonzalez Mayorga $50.00 08/13/2014
Anonymous Gonzalez Mayorga $100.00 08/12/2014 Love what your doing...awesome!!!
Anonymous Gonzalez Mayorga $50.00 08/12/2014

Your donation provides the raw materials to build a house for a family that has earned it through community service.